Eating Up Sicily

in a dozen mouthfuls


In search of Sicily In which we seek out Norman [k]naves and gastrogrottos.


Dining in Sherwood Forest Al Covo dei Beati Paoli, a den of mediaeval vigilantes overlooking a flea market and a big bunch of banyans.


Shanghaied at the Shanghai A hole-in-the-wall that made a hole in our wallet.


Regurgitating history Antica Focacceria San Francesco, serving spleenburgers since 1834.


A supper we couldn’t refuse! Il Cambusone There were no choices, but we wouldn't have changed a thing.


Capricci goes capricious Capricci di Sicilia, where the pasta was hard-wired.


I do like to eat beside the seaside… La Vecchia Marina, Cefalù, where Mary fell in love with both the coast and Cassata Siciliana.


The Lair of the Leopard Pasticceria Mazzara, where Giuseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa nibbled cream cakes and wrote his family history.


Heaven on earth! Osteria Paradiso, whose name speaks for itself.


Where Italian Greens go to eat their greens Azienda Agrituristica Vultaggio, where our meal was grown, harvested, prepared and cooked within walking distance.


Pasta con le sarde My over-the-top version of a simple Palermo classic.


Cleansing the palate If I had to eat at cheap cafés the rest of my life, Palermo wouldn't be the worst place to do it.


Caponata alla Siciliana An Italian ratatouille that cuts a few capers.


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