Anton Mosimann is quoted to the effect that there have been no new recipes for at least 2000 years. His enormous library of ancient and modern cookery books, housed at his school, might well have led him to that conclusion.


If this is indeed the case, then I am absolved from plagiarism; likewise, these eclectic recipes of mine are public property. Feel free.

“Closed on account of cassoulet” The journal of a week set aside to prepare my favorite dish, to be served at my seventy-fifth birthday dinner.

Mafia Lasagne : A dish you can’t refuse (Mary Whiting) You won’t have tasted a lasagne quite like this: it’s an exceptional dish, made for festivals and celebrations, so serve it with a flourish.

Cassoulet Déjà Vu: living low off the hog in Najac Two cassoulets within two months—this could become a habit!

Talking Turkey My solution was to roast the turkey all night at a low temperature, breast down, on an adjustable V-angled wire rack, with a loose covering of foil.

Caponata alla Siciliana An Italian ratatouille that cuts a few capers.

Tomatade Tapenade with sun-dried tomatoes

L’aiguillette de canard au citron Lemon duck breasts

Celerie-rave remoulade Celery root mayonnaise

Comfort Food In 70 years I've progressed from peanut butter to peanut sauce!

Barbecue - the real thing! Slow-cooked and succulent from an oven, southern style—not burnt to a cinder over a hot flame.

Cajun Chicken And Sausage Gumbo  No shortcuts! Prepare to spend the day at it and be glad you did.

A Surfeit of Marrows A quick, easy, cheap and delicious soup.

Whiting on Cod: One Old Salt to Another Brandade de Morue, true and false.

Fisherman's Pie  Mine is sort of like Shepherd's Pie, but with crab.

Chicken with forty cloves of garlic My recipe is based on that of the Provencal authority Jean-Noel Escudier, but with the fat and the messiness reduced.

When the cat's away... A food historian would raise his eyebrows, but we rough peasants gobbled it up!

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