The final assembly

user posted imageThe moment of truth has arrived! The meats, fat and stock are assembled and warming up from their storage in the fridge.

The various stocks will be combined and heated. A large head of garlic will be peeled and pulverized in the blender with melted pig fat and some of the hot stock. The dry bread will be made into crumbs.

user posted imageI’m using the largest cassole from the nest I bought from Mssr. Not. (I call them my Not Pots.) The saga of their acquisition is here.

The bottom of the largest pot is lined with the pork skin.

user posted image







The meats are combined in one large bowl

user posted image







A layer of beans goes in the bottom over the skins, then a layer of meat, then of beans, then of meat and a final smooth layer of beans. It’s sprinkled with the bread crumbs and liberally drizzled with the duck fat.


The cassole goes into a gas mark 3 oven (not preheated; it could crack the pot). And then three hours of waiting, with periodic breaking up of the crust. Tomorrow when it’s reheated it will get another layer of bread crumbs and duck fat and allowed to set to a deep golden brown.


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