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A Rose by any other name

 would cost much less
Rose Bakery






Rose Carrarini (English) and her husband Jean-Charles (French)  run a care center for expatriate Anglos. Like the usual care center, Rose Bakery is crowded, a bit down-at-heel and full of cast-off furniture. Unlike most care centers, the food will cost you full whack.


Going for Saturday brunch, I joined a long line of diners-to-be. Much to the discomfort of my growling stomach, the food was temptingly on display in a counter on my right [above].


After half an hour's wait I shared a crowded table with an enthusiastic family. My burger and chips with salsa came without a bun. The burger, probably about a quarter-pounder, was perfectly OK and so were the miniscule quantity of chips and the little dish of salsa. But the 14.50€ that they cost would have bought me a gourmet main dish at any one of an infinity of Paris bistros.


Would I return? Only if London were wiped off the face of the earth and I were overcome with nostalgia.


This is a minority opinion. See The Observer


Rose Bakery 30 Rue Debelleyme, 3rd, Tel: 01 44 78 08 97 (no reservations), Mº Filles du Calvaire

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