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  • Le Bistrot de Breteuil


    A Metro strike had trapped us in our hotel on a rainy Sunday, and so we gratefully accepted a luncheon recommendation from our concierge. Le Bistrot de Breteuil proved to be a brasserie-bistro of the sort you find in well-heeled Paris neighborhoods. It was modestly prosperous, the sort of ordinary bourgeois establishment which, if plopped down in Hampstead or Chelsea, would be the talk of the village.


    The locals certainly appreciated it—the jauntily decorated dining room  was full of families of various ages who looked and sounded as if this was where they usually came on a wintry Sunday. I made no note of what we ate, but the menu (click below) gives an accurate picture of the cuisine. Nothing that we had was extraordinary, but everything was prepared to a high standard of competance. The 29€ menu is now 32€ but still includes a bottle of a decent house wine split between two plus coffee at the end and, of course, service—a bargain, even in Paris. If we lived in the area, they would see a lot of us.


    Le Bistrot de Breteuil 3, pl. de Breteuil, 7 th, Tel: 01 45 67 07 27, Mº Ségur


    ©2006 John Whiting

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